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"With the monkie pro, when using our mandrel set up option, you manually position the tube over the mandrel and lock in the clamp and pressure dies/ then initiate the bend to the degrees you have set with the conroller.

Before returning the bend arm you must release the mandrel and unlock the clamp and pressure dies./ then you can remove, or re-position the tube for the next bend.

Be sure to stay clear of the bend arm while returning it to the start position./ everytime you prepare for a bend, check that the mandrel is in, the clamp and pressure dies are locked in, and the degrees are set in the controller.

The sample tubes in this demo are one and one quarter inch mild steel tubes with .049 wall, on a two and one half inch clr./ a nice 2 times the diameter bend.

The monkie pro mandrel bender is your excellent choice for thin walled applications with good quality results."

Designed in USA
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